30 Casual Outfit Ideas! Loungewear Hacks You Must Know!

looking stylish is not cancelled! it'sAlly and Bella and we officially have another month of shelter in place herein San Francisco, and you know a lot of us are being impacted by the pandemicstoday I'm partnering with Fabletics to share with you 30 different casual andcomfortable output ideas that you

could wear at home while quarantine this isthe perfect time to upgrade your athleisure and you have your sweatpantsyoga pants or your workout tops fabletics has an amazing deal where youcan get any two pairs of bottoms including these stronger pants for $24it's such a great value as a VIP

member so if you wanna pick these ones up whichI definitely think you should the link will be down below if you're new toathleisure and you're not really comfortable wearing tight-fittingclothing I would recommend going for darker colors like flax or Gray's next time I wanted to show you thesemotion

365 leggings I love this panel on the side so we just put them on for youguys I love these leggings because the motion365 fabric is so smooth and it contours to my body and it's really stretchy andbreathable it's so different with the color blocking because it makes me

lookvery slim in the front this Trinity top has three pockets so I'm going to testit with my phone and I'll show you if it works so after work I like to draw on a lightjacket I love this bomber jacket because it's really lightweight it has stitchingPlessy hi shaggy

material is super stylish it has this really cool 3dstitching on it in a me on green so it pops against your skin my leggings arealways covered in dog hair because of Bella but I always keep a little lintroller just to keep my leggings looking fresh and new to

my t-shirts I like toadd a little knot in the front this t-shirt is partially made of recycledwater bottles so it retains as shape very very well now I wanted to show you some items Iused to wear all the time before quarantine so things like short skirtslike this when

I used to have work meetings I would wear blouses I haven'tworn heels and probably a month now and it feels really weird I don't reach forfancier blouses like this too dramatic and I really enjoy wearing cotton andcomfortable tops I also don't find myself reaching for skinny jeans as

muchespecially tight-fitting ones like black jeans I've swapped them out for blackleggings I love these moto style leggings they're so chic and edgy when Iwake up in the morning it's pretty chilly outside so I like to just wear asimple monochromatic base like this top it has a zipper that

goes all the way upso another way to style it is to zip it down and just tuck in the two flapsright here to create a v-neck line another way to dress down your yoga setis by throwing on top a flannel shirt I also dropped on top a white

hat just toprotect my eyes from the Sun so this is something I would wear to you know gorun some errands just walk around my apartment the other day I went groceryshopping and I wore this outfit right here wear bottoms I'm wearing thesehigh-waisted powerful leggings with the mesh and

side panels let me quickly showyou guys why I ended up picking up be sure to pick up some flowers if you canI know these might not be seen as the centrioles but for me I like to bring alittle bit of spring into my home it's really important to

have more immuneboosting foods in your diet I love to have a lot of citrus fruits and this ishow I would transition the previous outfit for an at-home workout to have alarger chest you want to find a sports bra that's fully covered that holds youin place when I first

started wearing leggings Ialways thought it was made out of one material and it was cotton as totallywrong because the material that your leggings are made out of determines howcompressive how tight it feels against your skin fabletics has a total of sixdifferent fabrics ranging from light compression all the

way to highlycompressive from the least compressive seamless pure luxegolt knit all the way to the ultra pool motion 365 and last but not least powerhold I wanted to dress up this black outfit Iknow this looks so funny when I first turn it on I just kept laughing like

incelebration of Earth Month fabletics has incorporated some eco-friendly stylesthis t-shirt right here which is partially made out of recycled waterbottles these stronger pants are also made out of water bottles the packagingis recyclable with recycled fibers without losing its super soft feel all Iwant to do is wear comfy

clothes and this is so perfect the white is so chicit has these large pockets here in the front and it has a drawstring so you canpull it up how the white set looks on my mom so Iwanted to show you guys an alternative because my mom is a

different body typethan I am also has a cinch waistband I wish you can feel this fabric throughthe screen it's so soft it feels like I'm wearing a cloud I don't want to takethis off and I know we're all in quarantine mode you're gonna see anotherlounge look for you

guys I decided to mix and match the pink hoodie with thewhite jogger pant like I know I'm going to be wearing this on repeat for thenext few days add a little French tuck to youroversized hoodie by just tucking the fabric into your jogger pants and thenletting the back

hang loose one feel a little bit more put together tuck inyour shirt into your jogger pants grab your favorite blazer and just wear itover the top to dress up your blazer add on some gold jewelry I'm just wearing adainty gold necklace I would just put it back into

a sleek ponytail or a low bunyou can also take out a few pieces just to frame your face and here is thefinished look I know it looks a little bit crazy on the bottom but to be honestif you're doing a video conference you only see the top half

of your bodyanother productivity tip is to put on a pair of shoes even though you're at homeso change out of your slippers or your fluffy shoes and put on a pair ofloafers I just find I feel a lot more productive when I have real shoes onhere's how to

style a lounge site if your with your boyfriend and you're inquarantine and you only have his clothes to borrow so I'm wearing this oversizedblack dinner jacket to dress up the look throw in some gold hoop earrings yourhair differently so curly hi I have my hair parted this way

I'm just going torun my fingers through and then park it to the opposite side with Easter just around the corner onApril 12th why not add in a pop of pastel and true wardrobe especially intoyour workout gear these ones are very opaque and I love how sleek it looks

itonly has one pocket in the back nearly appreciate the gusset down the middle inthe craft section which prevents any VPL action from happening if you're lookingfor a hoodie that's more defined around your waist check out this one it has acinched detail Cinderella can have a workout outfit I

think she would wearsomething that looks like this quickly with this outfit I wouldprobably wear it with jeans but I wanted to show you an alternative where I wouldwear some really comfy leggings oh you're looking a little dusty today letme let me help you out see if I can

juggle I don't know if I can wanted toshow you a honey hack where you could tie the strains into a really cutelooking not let me know if this works for you guys I obviously have way toomuch time on my hands during the week I like to squeeze in

a20 or 30 minutes stretching session I just put on some yoga on YouTube andthen I roll out my mat and then I just stretch come to wear a sports bra size chopsometimes I find that the seamless sets don't have enough coverage for me andyou can still see my

nipple popping through first bra with the built-inpadding most of them do take these cups out and then you can just place theminto your shirt and now you have extra coverage for the girls already now taking an oversized t-shirtI'm just going to lay it over my top so looks

pretty boxy and baggy right now sowhat I would do is probably like bring it to the front and just tie into a knotthere on top my favourite oversized cardigan just for a slouchy look last time where this site was when Iwent to my area yoga class and I

showed you guys all of the different poses butI did in the air and I'm so sad that I haven't been able to workout outside ortake group fitness classes like we used to but luckily I can still wear theselounge you around at home now stay 25 and I'm like

an inspirationfor my outfits and I feel like I've been wearing the same things over and overagain so I thought why did I pull some inspiration from household itemsdisinfectant wipes new container lid protein powder and the stack of cards sonow I'm going to show you just a simple hairstyle

that I like to do whenever I'mfeeling like I have a bad hair day let me just say I don't wash my hair toooften I try to push myself every five to seven days to be completely honestbecause when you have colored hair it's really important to not wash it

toooften because when you do it gets really dry add some style to your t-shirt byrolling up the sleeves like I did right here and then you can also tuck it intoyour bra to create a cropped look if it's too long on you you can fold itover just to

reveal the band underneath and then for the legs you can also pullit up and then fold the fabric down I think we're getting into a weird areahere today's style tip is brought to you by lemons and if you're feeling down puton a bright colorful set this gets me

so excited and motivated to work out I feelsuper comfortable wearing this bright color because no one's going to see meI'm just working out at home in the comfort of my own room I feel like I'mchanneling a seventies beauty queen right now I feel so bright and vibrantthis hot

pink set is super popular on Instagram I don't get my yoga mat thisis probably the brightest pink I thought I could ever see until this set showedup at my door wow so many of my favorite youtubers and bloggers wearing it andy'all really need a snack break I've been

filming for at least two days now if your hoody you can add a cute littledesign a little not a detail by grabbing the fabric tying it into a knot and youhave this cute little kind of peplum look one easy style tip for flared jeanslike this to custom is

to do a pegged cuff so I just shared with you a month ofoutfit ideas hopefully to get you through quarantine and maybe you want tosave this video for after quarantine because all of these looks are supercute and Ally approved so if you want to shop any of the

fat leg pieces will bedown below if you join as a new VIP member you get two pair of bottoms for$24 and that could be jogger pants leggings shorts and you can mix andmatch them share them with your family I love you guys and I hope you're allstaying safe

and I'll see you in my next video USA bye dog Missy bye