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What's up, everybody George here from GP lifestyle in today's video guys I'll be going over five more casual outfits for bigger men People requested me to do a part two in the comments of the first video.

So here we are part two Let's get you looking big and sexy outfit number one on this is we're combining my two favorite things Comfort and style when it comes to super casual outfits There's nothing more casual and comfortable than a tracksuit where I sweat, too now here we're doing we are going with a navy blue tracksuit book with a hoodie and jogger bottoms with a white side shop and we're going to pair these with a Mustard yellow pair of vans now.

I know what you're thinking navy blue and yellow.

Yes It is a weird combination when you think about it, but when you try it out It doesn't look too bad and it's not as plain as black with a white Sneaker or a grey tracksuit with let's say a red sneaker It is a little bit different the white side stripe here really brings it a nice layer of neutrality Into the outfit helps complement the laces and the soles of the sneaker the navy blue for me It's that one step above wearing black right or great.

It's a very neutral colors It's going to compliment every skin tone and it's also just a little bit outside The norm when it comes to track suits and for me personally throwing on a not so saturated Yellow as the sneaker is a excellent option if you don't have vans Jordan BMPs, if you can find them are an excellent option, but for me navy blue and yellow it's great because these to complement each other in such a nice way that it's not such a Harsh contrast and you don't look oversaturated which for me it's an excellent balance to stay stylish and comfortable It's a very easy outfit to pull off outfit number two is what I'm wearing right now and we're gonna take wearing black and white and mix it up just a Smidge and we're gonna start off with a black and white floral shirt This is excellent for late spring early summer And we're going to pair it with a pair of black Distressed jeans now since we're wearing black if you are a bigger, man This is going to make you look a lot slimmer And since we're also going with a slimmer cut pair of pant They're going to add some structure to your leg without making it.

Look you're wearing tights And for me, this is an excellent way to elongate your body and everyone who paired this with a black and white pair events We are just wearing black with a hint of way But what the white? Accents do is that the add a layer of style because here we're matching the pattern with the little accent pieces on our bands and this is an excellent element for bigger men because that black head to toe with that a little bit of white it draws the eye to the Accents on the pieces of clothing like the pattern here and like tears thinkers But then again what that plaque does is that it tapers your waist broadens your shoulder add some structure into your legs So you're getting a lot of attention in all the right places and no attention in all the wrong places If you know what I mean and for me, I love this outfit You see how passionate I am bugs up But I wore this outfit many times this summer and for me This is excellent for bigger men up in number three on this list We're adding a bit of comfort, but also keeping this outfit casual and stylish as possible what we're doing here We are starting it up with a cream beige hoodie for me This is excellent because it is such a neutral tone and it's going to compliment Almost every skin so now we're gonna pick this with either a black pair of these strategies or a black pair of jogs Depending on how comfy you want to be that day Pick now here we're also going to pair with the black and white bands because these are gonna go with Everything and why not have a versatile sneaker? Yes, they've been overplayed for a long time But I'm still gonna wear them because I like them and I can wear them with almost anything and lest We're going to wear a black leather biker jacket for me This is amazing because another thing is more masculine than a leather and I personally think pairing it with black and this light beige It's such an excellent match because they're going to complement so harmoniously not gonna be too harsh of a contrast You're gonna stay comfy because we're gonna have joggers or jeans on any comfy pair of sneakers the great thing here about that leather is that it's so Structured and you have those leather lapels you broaden your shoulders broaden out your chest yet The hoodie is going to hide a muffin top love handles.

But when you throw that jacket over you do it your adventure shoes You're really building a lot of structure into your upper body Your lower body is remaining Fairly structured because you are still wearing a darker colors Darker colors are excellent for bigger men because we're building in structure in the lower body as well overall This is comfort and style, but it doesn't heat it.

But here it doesn't look like you're trying so hard to make yourself Look muscular because you're giving that impression away that you just threw this on because it's a hoodie Joggers a pair of sneakers and just a leather jacket, but deep down inside.

You know, you really thought this out They threw it for me.

This is a sneaky way to show that you basically have effortless style You know how to dress for your body fit number four on this list is really gonna teach you how to get the most out of your wardrobe and how to actually compartmentalize a lot of your outfits So what we're gonna do here, we're gonna start it off with a white tee a very basic neutral starting appointment These do not look great unless you're really muscular, which I takee you're not then that's why you're watching this video No offense Then rode layered this with a red and white short sleeve floral shirt to add in some structure into the upper body and hide some of the flabbiness in the midsection then what we're gonna do is we're going to pair it with either if it's hot that day with a pair of denim shorts and Red and white pair of bands to complement the shirt or a distressed pair of blue jeans and for me This is an excellent casual outfit that says hey I'm going now just assume the very casual coffee barbecue it is no big deal but what this outfit does is that you can take the same outfit here same items same color and Make it a fall and winter variety by replace the floral with a flannel Ak8 the winter floral and replace the white tee with a white hoodie and it's keep the same bottoms if you are wearing Jeans and look basically what this is meant to do is to teach you how to dress for your body type as a bigger man layering with neutral tones and Complimenting your sneakers with whatever is that you're layering with for me is an excellent way to dress as a bigger man in this outfit shows you how you can actually Switch a few pieces around have virtually the same outfit for two different seasons, which I'm kind of proud of myself that I've thought of Onto the next one Outfit number five on this list.

We're going to get a little bit more experimental a little bit more fun in my opinion We're going to start this off it off with a black graphic t-shirt now If you have a graphic that has some red accents like this Pulp Fiction when I have definitely go for it We're going to throw on a black pair of distress jeans just so we can get that elongated lean muscular Look, we're going to pair this with a Reebok classics or any retro white sneaker that you have Lastly two items a Sherpa denim jacket to help you build it that wider Adonis, looking physique and for me if you have a shirt jacket that has that fur faux fur lining for me It just adds a level of style.

It makes you feel a little more expensive and a little more Domini you really take up space and this for me It's an excellent outfit that you can layer and you kind of jewelry on you can put on a black dad Hat a snapback on to it and match some of the accents of that graphic wood with your hat and for me I just wanted to put this outfit in to show that bigger men can wear a little bit more shree wear and not look super goofy and the thing is Graphic shirt to get a bad rap when it comes to men's style because a lot of guys just see it as something either nerdy Dorky or outdated but you can get fun casual showing that you're gonna go party and do something very well This is a outfit for a bit more of a younger guy But I personally think it's an excellent way to style a graphic t-shirt as a bigger, man and not listen to a lot of the style rules who just think we're so super plain and basic stuff and not really experiment But if you guys want me to do a video where I show you five different ways on the hottest style ain't graphic t-shirt Please let me know in the comments down below.

I will pull out the big guns for that video That's it for me today guys those are five more casual outfits for bigger men if you guys enjoyed this video and you're minute is for please consider dropping like a Consider subscribing to this channel because on this channel, I teach you how to become the-best-version-of-yourself Be teaching it how to dress better how to look better ultimately how to be better Thank you guys so much for watching and I hope to see you in the next video peace.