Casual Outfit Ideas | Japanese minimalism inspired

[Music] hi everyone welcome to Lulu's smiles in this video I'm going to be showing you three Japanese minimalism inspired casual outfits that I put together as part of my minimalism journey series over on my youtube channel a brief introduction to my channel provides d'art Lewis miles is by

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on to the actual video this first outfit as far as I'm concerned is a classic a Japanese minimalist outfit now my definition of a Japanese minimalist outfit is an effort that has a very simplistic and clean feel to it it's not flashy not too trendy nothing too tight

or hugging it's just so simple basic and comfortable that's beautiful most of you want to know this but I spent the last two years in Japan and have only recently moved back to the UK so this look is definitely very Japanese minimalist inspired from my time in Japan

this outfit takes little to no effort to put together and because the dress is quite loose and flowy I can be assured that I'll be comfortable wearing it to almost any casual occasion the dress is also quite a little maintenance classic black and white stripes so I know

I don't have to worry too much about getting stains on it stains and clothing is one of my biggest pet peeves the straw hat is Muji and the espadrilles are from dune London and they helps to give this outfit a more casual and summery feel because this outfit

is my casual and summer outfit [Music] on to the second outfit I'll be honest this outfit is the one I've been sporting the most since I moved back to the UK the first outfits would have been what I'd be wearing the most if I was still living in

Japan but here the UK I've farmed the straw hats and big blue eyes stripes the dresses are not as common and tend to attract more attention than I'm comfortable with again similar to the first outfit the centerpiece of this look is this loose flowy agree dress from Zara

but unlike the Muji dress this dress is a lot softer and doesn't give me that boxy look the stress is snug around the neck arms and bust area so it's able to give me some shape at the top while maintaining that flowy and carefree trail at the bottom

and it's way nothing offensive a degree dress I've also added a lightweight a jungle green jacket on top to go with the dress the espadrilles are the same doom landed ones from first outfit and they go everywhere with me because I am in love with them [Music] finally

the third or the last outfit is I feel the most put together one out of three outfits partly because of my high heels in this one looking back I almost wish that I'd stuck with my dune espadrilles for this outfit too and centered all three outfits around the

espadrilles of course you can still do that if you want to try on a similar look to this one but want to be more comfortable in the feet the outfit itself is still very laid-back a pink striped long sleep turtleneck with a black hood comes on top the

jeans are these very comfortable mom jeans from Zara and I love the wash in these jeans this pair was actually a hand-me-down from a sister and I don't think I would have ever choosed anything like this for myself prior to this pair I love this outfit I feel

the most feminine in this one out of the three not just because of the high heels but also because the pic top and the silk am sold together with delight wash jeans I hope to make this look feel very feminine and chic [Music] I am going to call

you up with this lookbook here I will try my best to leave links to all the pieces she owned this video so if you are interested in any of the items and want to get your hands on them check out the description box below if you enjoyed watching

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