Casual Summer Capsule Wardrobe

– Sharing a casual summercapsule wardrobe today.

(upbeat music) Hi ladies, it's Erin and welcome back to my channel.

I just want to dive right in today, and get to it, because I'm really, really excited about this video.

Capsule wardrobe by the way, I looked up the definition.

According to Wikipedia, Capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don't go out of fashion.

And that's where they reallycap off the definition.

I would extend that definition to say they don't go out of fashion, or they don't go out of style, and also they seamlesslyintegrate together.

Meaning all of the pieces mix and match beautifully together.

A capsule wardrobe is a fancy way or another way of saying wardrobe basics, which is something I always talk about.

And if you guys haven't already gotten those wardrobe basics checklist, that help you to build thatgreat wardrobe foundation, I do give those out for free.

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Those basics are those essential pieces, timeless pieces, that work together and they don't go out of style.

If you want to reallyhave a fail safe wardrobe, an easy wardrobe, a simply wardrobe, a chic and sophisticated wardrobe, a classic wardrobe, and you just want to takethe guess work out of it, it's almost like a Granimal.

Remember the old Granimal's from Walmart? The capsule wardrobe is almost like that.

You don't have to worry about whether this goes with this, like it all works together.

So, I wanna share with you 20 pieces that I picked up, that I think are great basics, or elevated basics.

And then show you some outfit combinations with those basics.

I'm not gonna talk through each individual look, because they're not dramaticallydifferent, you know? That's not the pointof a capsule wardrobe.

The point is that they're all different, but maybe it's just like different shoes, or a different shirt, or a jacket with it with a top, instead of just the top.

There are minor modifications to create fresh new looks, and that is the essenceof the capsule wardrobe.

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Let's get started, shall we? (upbeat music) First, I want to walk throughthe 20 pieces that I picked, and then I'm gonna show you the looks.

So, the 20 pieces areactually right behind me on the rack, and I'm gonna walk through them.

The first is the Madewell white T-Shirt, a white T-Shirt definitely a key basic.

Second is an ivory camisole, doesn't have to be ivory, it could be bright white.

Third is a white blouse, could be long or short, or a three quarter sleeve.

Fourth is chambray top, I'm actually wearing that top right now.

The fifth is a sequin tank, I wanted to add one sparkly kind of fun piece for date night.

Six is a black top, and this black top is sleeveless, but you can go shirtsleeve, or three quarter sleeve, or long sleeve.

Seventh, we have a white mottojacket that's not leather, it's actually a cotton fabric.

So, it's very lightweightand it's very edgy, I like this jacket a lot.

Eight, we have white shorts.

These shorts are by J.

Crew, they are a four inch in seam.

They are definitelynot scandalously short.

Nine is a gray jogger.

These are a silky jogger.

10 are some light high-risecropped, flare leg jeans.

This is not a tried and true basic, so if you're going for basic basic, maybe you would do a differentsilhouette than this.

But, I wanted to giveyou one pair of jeans, that's actually what I wouldsay is on the cutting edge in the jean department.

Right now, the sort offreshest jeans if you will, are the high-rise widelegged cropped jeans.

Traditionally, in somesort of either light to medium blue shade.

So, if you're like, “Ihave all the basic jeans, “and I want to add something a little bit “more modern and fresh, “then this is the jeansilhouette you want to go with.

” 11 is a pair of dark wash skinny jeans.

Those are an absolute essential.

12 is a python midi skirt.

I love a midi length skirt, to give you some extra coverage, to cover those knees, but the skirt is verylightweight and breathable, and great for summer, great if you don't want to wear shorts.

13 is a black tank dress.

I'm a huge fan of black tank dresses, you're gonna have to strategicallyselect your black dress, based on your body type and what fits and flattersyour body the best.

It may not be a super fitted dress, and maybe something that's alittle bit fitted on the top, and then more of an A line on the bottom.

You have to really determine that based on what your body type is.

14 is a polka dot wrap dress, and I'm really a sucker for all of the brown tones right now, and I really love them for summer.

I think it's a reallybeautiful, flattering, versatile color to have.

It looks like almost like caramel, it's that sort of color.

It's just really rich and beautiful, kind of like this watch.

And I love that combinationof the caramel and ivory.

The polka dot wrap dress is something you could wear to church, you could wear it to a party, you could wear it to a day wedding, you could wear it to work.

It has a lot of versatility.

Next, I want to talk about the shoes.

Number 15 are a pairof Sam Edelman sandals, with some crystals on them to give them a little extra flare.

16 are some wedge sandalsby Treasure & Bond.

These sandals are a universalblogger best seller, and I have them in two colors, and I love them, and I've had them for a couple years, and I wear them everywhere, because they're so insanely comfortable, and easy to walk in ifyou don't mind heels.

17 are some beige flats.

They have perforations, so they're breathable.

These flats are really chic and lovely.

I absolutely adore havinga pair of flats for summer that's breathable and light, but also closed toe.

Because, you don't alwayswant to show off your toes, like what if your toes are looking bad? What if you forgot to paint your nails? Or, what if they're all chipped up and not looking good? It's nice to have thatoption for the summer season.

18 is a pair of white mules.

These are by Something Navy.

Again, they have slatsacross the top of the foot, so they're very breathable.

This one does have abit of a pointier heel, so it's not gonna be quite as comfortable as a pair of mules thatmaybe had a chunkier heel.

So, that's something to consider, you don't have to getthis exact pair of shoes, but just something that'sin a neutral color tone, that's a little bit dressier, that you could wear to work, to church, for date night, for dinners out.

You need to have somethingon the dressier side.

19 is a white sweater.

I feel like you have tohave a really pretty, white summer sweater.

I always look for onethat is mesh or crochet, or has some texture to it, and also is very breathable, because I don't want to get hot.

For me here in Colorado, I mean let's be real, I can wear a puffer during the summertime.

But, for those of you in hotter climates, you're definitely gonna want to look for a summer white sweater that is very breathable and lightweight, because you don't want to get hot.

So, that's where you would pull that out for the restaurantswhen it's really chilly, and it's over air-conditioned.

You would pull it out if ithappens to get chilly at night, or maybe you go on a beach trip, and you got a sunburn that day, and you just gotta chillin the air at night.

It's nice to have a summer sweater.

The last piece, the 20th piece, is the Chloe Nile bag, which I have featureda bunch on my channel, and I bought it a couple of years ago.

Maybe three years ago, two years ago, I can't remember.

And it's an awesome bag.

It's really versatile and neutral, you can carry like a clutchusing the bracelet hardware, or you can carry it like across body or shoulder bag with the cross body strap.

It's a very neutral versatilecolor in an ivory tone, it goes with everything, and it also travels beautifully.

So, I do travel with this bag quite a bit.

The idea of again the capsule wardrobe, is that everything workstogether seamlessly.

Everything is pretty classic and timeless, so it's not going to go out of fashion.

Although, there are admittedlya couple pieces in here that are a little bit on the trendy side.

And then, you don't have to worry about what to wear with what.

You know everythingkind of works together.

And notice that the color story here all works together.

It's a very similar color story, you can see behind me.

It's like whites and light colors, and browns, and they're all neutral, versatile, light, flattering colors.

In the fall winter, you can go with the blackand the grays as your basics.

In the summertime, I really like to lighten things up and go more with whites and ivories, and blush tones, and light blues, and taupe's, and beige.

All of these beautiful, neutral, versatile colors that literally lighten up your wardrobe.

Those are the things to consider when you are selecting those basic pieces that you need for yoursummer capsule wardrobe.

This is not a wardrobe tailored for somebodywho works in an office.

This is really a casual summer wardrobe, so that's something to think about.

I will put links to all ofthe pieces that I'm featuring, all 20 of the pieces that I'm featuring, in the description box below.

It's not gonna be according to outfit, 'cause there's just too many.

It's going to be according to piece.

If there's anything that's really pricey, I will put an option for less.

And again, if you havethese pieces in your closet, you can just kind of gothrough and go check, check, check, check, but be sure to get thatwardrobe basics checklist, so you can do that as well, and make sure that you haveyour wardrobe basics covered.

Before I dive into the looks, just a couple of places where I think you shouldinvest a little bit more money.

One is your handbag, I do think that's an area where if you're gonna save and budget for one bigger ticket item, it would be the handbag.

Another is the jacket.

So, in my case, I have a very affordableoption from Blank NYC, but here's where you could elevate and do something that's real leather, that's quite beautiful, and quite lux.

And that's where you can invest the money.

The rest of the stuff, you want to get nice pieces, but you don't have to breakthe bank with those pieces.

You don't have to budget and go for like the higher end piece.

You can find some really great basics for reasonable amounts of money, and you'll see that belowin the description box.

The prices are not crazy.

If you have any questions at all about the specific looks, be sure to comment below, and I will try to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

But again, these are not looks that are reinventing the wheel.

I am just taking these 20 pieces and I'm mixing andmatching them in a new way, simply by either swapping out a shoe, adding an accessory, adding a third layer.

You know, those are the ways I can make the outfitsdifferent and fresh, without a lot of effort.

It's very simple.

And that's how you can reallystretch all of these pieces and create many, many, many limitless looks with those pieces.

The other thing I wanted to mention, is that once you havethis capsule wardrobe or your wardrobe basics covered, then you can add some other fun things.

Like, if you need a couple more dresses, or you want a couple moreblouses that are exciting.

Or, you just want to have one pair of really sexy pumps.

Or, you know you want toadd a few more accessories, you can do that.

These are just some of those core basics.

I didn't get into swimsuits and coverups, but I do think that for summer, you need to have one swimsuit and one coverup.

I would recommend a shirt dress coverup, I will put a link to one below.

And also, I would recommend a suit that's incrediblyflattering for your body.

I found an amazing suit.

It's a one piece that Iwanted to share with you guys, it's by Becca.

I featured it on the blog, I featured it on Instagram, and I will put a link to that in the description box below.

Here are the looks.

(upbeat music) Again, let me know ifyou have any questions.

Everything's gonna bein the description box by time code, so if you want to looksomething up you can, but just see what you have in your closet, shop your own closet.

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