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Antonio: Hey, guys.

Antonio here.


So, many of you guys have asked me, “Antonio, where do I get inspiration from?” You’re looking around and you want to getideas for outfits, you want to get out there and you want to start dressing better, butyou want to know, you know, who can I look to.

Guys, one of the today’s most, you know, just obvious people that you can be inspired by are celebrities and we’re not just talkingsome of the people that are notorious celebrities or ones that don’t have style, but manyof them actually especially in the red carpet, these guys understand that they are in thelimelight, they are under a microscope, they’ve got to dress well, so they bring in expertcelebrity stylist.

People that understand that how you presentyourself to the world does send the message and, that these people are going to get pictures, they’re going to be up there, they’re going to get shared, you know, millions ofviews and so, they want to control their image.

Today, I’ve got Ashley Weston with me andAshley is building her company and her brand and she works with some of the let’s justsay some of the most recognizable stars out there.

So, you see a lot of these guys looking goodon the red carpet, that’s because of what Ashley is doing.

And, she also has a video channel, a YouTubechannel which you should go check out.

But, Ashley and I, we’re talking about thisproject it’s been a long time in the making and so, without further ado, Ashley.

Let me introduce you to my audience.

Ashley: Hi, guys.

I hope everyone is well.

So, yeah, like Antonio so thank you, again, for that warm welcome.

Yeah, I’m a celebrity menswear stylist.

So, I style my clients for all of their appearancesoutside of their TV shows and films.

So, for red carpet appearances, premieres, day time night time talk shows, anything outside of their roles in films or TVs that’s whatI do with them, so.

Antonio: All right, guys, this is part ofour celebrity style series and today, we’re going to be profiling James Bond specificallyone of his outfits out of the movie Spectre.

Now, I do want to point out that there isgoing to be a companion video if you are interested in more casual dressing.

You want to go check out Ashley’s channel, I’m going to link to that video and in that video, she’s going to go into it, but – whichyou’re going to find in the celebrity style series is we’re going to break out how theclothing works for the actor piece by piece and where you can go out and get these piecesto basically bring this look into your wardrobe.

Ashley: All right.

So, today, I want to talk to you guys aboutJames Bond’s style, but not in the way that most people think of it.

I’m sure when you think of James Bond, youprobably think of his amazing suits, right? So, I wanted to actually talk about his casualoutfits because I dress male celebrities for a living and I’m always on the lookout forreally great casual outfits and I have to say I am extremely impressed by Bond’s choicesin this area.

So, I want to show you one of my favoriteoutfits from Spectre that would look great on any man regardless of his age or his bodytype.

I especially like this outfit because it’sa nice middle ground between dressy and casual and I always find that it’s – there’snot a lot of outfits in menswear that meet, you know, that really fall into this area.

So, this outfit is great for date nights orfor an occasion when a suit and tie would be too much.

So, you’ll definitely turn heads in thisoutfit because it’s just it’s so masculine and classy without overdoing it.

While a lot of Bond’s outfits look amazingon camera, I will have to say they’re not always ideal for wearing in real life.

So, there are some items that I decided toswitch out for more practical and budget-friendly alternatives, but I promise Antonio your guyswill still look amazing.

So, shall we get into it? Antonio: Let’s do it.

Ashley: All right.

So, the black suede or Barbados jacket thatDaniel Craig wears in Spectre looks freaking awesome, but it’s pretty impractical foreveryday life.

I’ve actually worked with this jacket beforeas well as similar ones and I have to say they are a pain to own unless you’re willingto baby them.

If you have ever worn a suede item, you knowit’s like stain city once any dirt, water, or food hits it.

So, it’s pretty impractical.

And God forbid, if you decide to sit on alight colored couch or chair because like the dark washed jeans the dye can actuallyrub on the light fabric.

[0:04:51]Instead of that jacket, you want to go with a cotton bomber style one for two reasons.

First, that fabric is way more practical thansuede because it will go not only with this outfit, but with any casual outfits.

A suede jacket when paired with say a chinopant will look very heavy because the fabric weights don’t mesh well.

Second, a bomber style will be flatteringon all body types especially if you are a shorter and broader guy.

The Moore Harrington style jacket that DanielCraig is wearing has a standing collar, so it will accentuate a shorten neck and so, if you are a broader guy, that is not a good thing.

On that note, if you are a broader guy, youwant your jacket to fit pretty snug in your body to the point where you shouldn’t beable to zip it up.

You don’t want to zip up your jacket becauseit will create this huge swath of fabric in your chest and stomach area which will onlymake you look bigger and that’s to be avoided.

The goal here is to break you up verticallyand we do that by leaving your jacket unzipped.

As for what’s underneath the jacket, DanielCraig is wearing a mock turtleneck sweater by N Peal, but I would never style my clientsin this because it’s way too specific of a look and highly dependent on the weather.

Instead, I opted for a gray t-shirt becauseit’s more practical year-round and still lands itself nicely to the overall color palletwe’re working with.

Now, if you want to dress down the outfiteven further, I would go with a white t-shirt instead.

If you don’t know how your t-shirt shouldfit, check out this link.

As for the pants, I put my model in thesedark gray wool trousers, but you can easily switch them out for a pair of dark gray chinosor dark washed jeans.

Check out this link for my favorite chinosand jeans.

And lastly, the shoes.


Bond is wearing some brown suede chukkaboots by Sanders and Sanders, but just like with the suede jacket, it’s not going totake very long for them to get all gross and dirty.

And, I have to disagree with the use of thecolor brown in this outfit anyways because even though they’re dark brown, black shoeswould look so much better here.

So, if you don’t want to baby your suedechukka boots, this is probably one of the best outfits for some black Chelsea bootswhich is what I put my model in.

Now, if you’re not a fan of Chelsea boots, then you can easily go with some black dress boots or black Oxford or monk strap dressshoes instead.

So, here is the final head to toe look onmy model.

Check out the link for outfit details anditems that will fit any budget.

All right, Antonio, I really want to hearyour thoughts about this outfit, so let me get back to my desk.

All right.

So, I wanted to see what your thoughts wereon this outfit and what your thoughts are on suede items because I mean you could seeI’m not the biggest fan in terms of its practicality for everyday life, so I’m verycurious about your thoughts.

Antonio: Yeah.

You know suede is one of those – it’sa bit harder to find especially in that particular cut in that particular color, so I like thatyou showed, hey, you don’t have to necessarily go with the exact fabric and it’s also goingto save a lot of guys out there who are really budget conscious, it’s going to save thema lot of money when they know that they can substitute things.

But, I think the key with this outfit is torealize that no one is going to say, you know what? Your cut – you’re stealing that look fromJames Bond in Spectre, all they’re going to say is, you – wow, this looks great.

And I think that’s one of the keys of imitationand what we’re going to talk about here is it when you look at the best and artistsdo this all the time, they go out there and they study the masters and they imitate themat first and then they take it in their own direction.

So, getting back to that, you know, you switchingup the suede with all of the outfits we’re going to be covering in this men’s styleseries, remember you can make it your own by changing out making small substitutes hereand there depending on your budget depending on, you know, the weather, depending on whatyou’ve got available to you.

Ashley: Exactly.

I agree.

And then, in terms of I know we are talkingabout the entire outfit I decided to switch out the turtleneck for a t-shirt just becauseI mean do you recommend turtlenecks to your audience? I just I never find it very flattering onthe majority of men.

Antonio: Yeah.

But, you also live in California, right? Ashley: Oh, that is true.

Antonio: Yeah.

See, I live in Wisconsin and our summers areabout 65 degrees and -30 degrees during the winter, so a turtleneck is very practicalhere.

And, I think that’s, you know, the fun partabout this when you realize you can change things in and out, create a very differentoutfit, but one that also meets your personal needs.

All right, guys, so that’s it for our celebritystyle series on this channel.

If you want more information especially JamesBond related casual style, go check out Ashley’s channel.

I’m going to link to it right here in thevideo and what you’ll find is that in that one we talked about, I think it’s CasinoRoyale and Quantum of Solace that this outfit, you know, very similar one popped up, it’sgoing to be very similar to the video we just did here.

And, for the future of this series, we havemore videos coming.

Ashley: A hint for one of the videos, it’sprobably one of Antonio’s favorite TV shows, so that’s the only – only little tidbitof info I’m going to give on this one.

Antonio: Yeah.

But, it’s not Game of Thrones although Ithink that that maybe something in the future that we have to talk about.

Ashley: We create one of the outfits.

How to bring this into your everyday life.

Antonio: Exactly you know.

Ashley: Thank you so much for having me, Antonio.

I had a lot of fun with this one and I’mexcited for the next one.

Antonio: You’re welcome, Ashley.

All right.

See you in the next video.

Ashley: Bye, guys.

Antonio: Bye.

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