Everyday Casual Outfit Ideas| Modest Fashion

hey it's me Marida with another videonow I wanted to put some casual everyday outfits together for you all I hope youenjoy how I put it together and if you do please give it a thumbs up if you'renot subscribed to my channel please take this time to subscribe and

enjoy thevideo now this first look is just a casual everyday outfit that you can puttogether super comfortable and ready to go I've actually had this conversationfor a few years and I finally got some white converse and I always said if Igot white converse I wanted them in leather

so I got those for my birthday for whatever reason spring is nottotally revealed itself so I'm still in the process of wearing jackets in thisnorthern area that I live in so if wherever you live it's kind ofchilly always have a jacket in your car that you can pop

on and still look cute why did my string just pop me in theface it's coming it's coming just wait it up there it is this is one of those in-between looksyou don't really know if you want to be super super dressed down or super superdressed up you just

want to be kind of right in the middle or maybe it's one ofthose instances where you have heels on and you want to try to change out butyou want to still look cute there you have it and I'm always out there for uspeople that are in the cold

weather in the evenings you're gonna need a sweateryou can't keep your shirt sleeves on all day because it's gonna get cold so haveyour little sweater or something that you can jump on or pop on and still rockyour outfit who does not like to have something thatyou can throw

on and I have to think about anything a t-shirt dress is theperfect option for this I mean I love this I found this at Ross right beforemy cruise and I thought this is just the perfect I love how it's you know nicelyfitted at the top but then it

flares out at the bottom it's not like straightstraight that you have some of those dresses that are just like straight allthe way down it has a nice a-line to it nice and flowy not too fitted at all andI'm just really really enjoying this dress y'all in my opinion

the denimshirt just adds the extra pop so the outfit and then if you get chilly youcan always put it on for warm I switched up to look with these littlemules that I found from Old Navy for a dollar ninety-nine yes a dollarninety-nine some little patent of their white

muse found from own AZ they'resuper cute and I just love the look super comfortable just slide it morningcome now if you want to dress this up just a tad bit you're gonna put a littlebelt on and some little cute shoes I found these at Ross for probably likeseven

ninety-nine they were super cheap but they're socute and the belt matches like the little camel part that's on the shoe soit just changes up the look a little bit but it's still super comfortable becausethe hills are not very high I found these cute espadrilles at OhNavy they just

screamed Springs on my time to me just that look and I justthrow on this jacket just for the look hands down this is my favorite outfit Ipromise I'll probably wear this all summer I just love this skirt is so cuteso unique I got it as a gift someone

couldn't fit it anymore they bought itat a boutique I don't know where the boutique is but if anyone knows I wouldlove to get something else similar to this this last look is just an easy simplelook that I put together I love the color of the writing on this

pinkt-shirt is just super unique and cute and then I put it on with theespadrilles with that same color in it and I just like the look I was soexcited when I found a little sweater that matched the writing on this t-shirtit just gave me so much life this

is the last look for today I hopeyou are enjoy the video I really enjoy putting it together for you and I'll seeyou in another one thanks for watching bye let me know in the comments sectionwhich one is your favorite outfit number one two three four or five