Over 50 Style Tips | Casual Sporty Style!

today's video is all about casual stylefor the woman over 50 I'm going to show you how to put together some outfitsbased all around one piece of clothing it was around in the 80s it's stillaround today it's comfortable it's slimming it can be wore dressed up ordress down and

it's the addidas 3 stripe sweat pantsyou probably wore these to netball practice when you were young but todayI'm going to show you how to style these so that you look on-trend and they'reperfectly suitable for our age group so if you'd like to know more please keepwatching everything about

these pants is perfect they're super comfy they'restretchy they've got an elastic waist which means they're comfortable aroundyour tummy so if you've got a bit of tummy going on there it doesn't matterbecause it covers it and they come up high enough to not give you any muffintop also they

are very lengthening because the three stripes down the sideof the leg gives us length when you look at these pants from all different anglesit's always long because of all those lines you can wear any white t-shirtwith these pants and you can tuck it in just a little bit

on the side to giveyou a more modern look and this is more slimming too than just wearing a bigt-shirt so tuck it in on the side and there you go you just look sporty andcasual and cool this zip at the bottom is perfect because you can wear themskinny

or you can open the zip and have them with a little bit of a flare whichkind of brings your leg out a bit if your hips are wider so that's nice andbalancing and this is a perfect outfit for flying because you can literallywear these pants for 24 hours

and be comfortable the whole time this blacksinglet has an asymmetric line on it so it's giving me length and it's adding alittle bit of detail to the eye you can wear a denim jacket over this look andit's perfect so it's casual casual with a little bitof an edge

if you're going out for the day and you think it might get cool youcan take a shawl or a throw along the cause how good does this look it bringsit up a notch and makes it a little bit more dressy any throw that you have willwork with this

outfit I'm swapping over here to black shoes because black shoeswill give me more length so my top and my middle and my bottoms all black soit's making me look longer I like to wear a little bit of a heel a wedgedheel and my sneakers these are just converse

with a wedge and they give youa little bit more hide I'm short so yeah I really like those and with the zipthat's open at the bottom of the leg this just works perfectly I absolutelylove that you can put a leather jacket with this outfit it dresses up thecasual

nature of the pants and the sneakers but it just works it's justsomething that you can do sometimes you don't feel like wearing jeans becauseyou don't want to be all tight and pulled in and this works and of courseif you're going out at night you can add heels to

this you could wear this out toa casual dinner and you could wear heels during the day as well I've worn blackhigh heels and it's nice that the black matches the black and the look isseamless but you can do whatever you likethis look was kind of trendy a couple

of years back with Kim Kardashian and a lotof the young celebrities but at our age we don't need to follow all the trendswe just need to find styles that suit us that are comfortable and we can keepwearing them over and over again so this video is inspired by

that trend but it'sjust so doable for our age group it looks so great it's a bit edgy and it'sit's still on trend it's just a fun casual outfit idea and you can stylethese pants in so many different ways so you only need to buy one thing and mixit

with what you've got it's on-trend it looks cool it'scomfortable you can do it we're all around in the beginning when this wasjust something that you'd wear to sports practice and now we can wear it in adifferent way so have some fun experimenting and give this look atplease give

a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and share it with any of yourgirlfriends who love playing with fashion thank you so much for watchingand have a beautiful week