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When To Wear A T-Shirt – Men And T Shirts- Men's Casual Style Tips – Fashion Advice Hi, I'm Antonio Sentinel, the founder of RealMen Real Style; today I'm going to be talking about when is it appropriate to wear a t-shirt? Okay if you have it already please subscribeto our YouTube channel by doing that these videos would come right to you.

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This is the question that came in.

“I am a viewer from Malaysia and I wouldpersonally like to say, thank you a lot for the delightful tips.

I just started dressing like a real man thanksto your videos.

” You’re welcome.

“I know you have been preaching to yourviewers as always to wear college shirts in public but when is it acceptable for men towear regular t-shirts other than playing sports and working out.

I'm asking because I still have a lot of t-shirtsthat I cherish.

And I would not like to put them to waste.

” And I totally understand that.

I've got a lot of t-shirts as well.

Unfortunately, most of them are from the timeperiod when I wore mostly t-shirts and they sit in my drawer and I use them when I'm working.

But you’ve got a good point because we livein a society which we look around and almost everyone is wearing a t-shirt.

And that’s really why I put out those otherarticles because I wanted to address the problem that I think we just over use the t-shirtbut there are plenty of instances in which you can wear a t-shirt and you're going tobe perfectly fine.

My whole reason in putting out information, kind of wanting you to consider other options, is because so many men do not consider otheroptions.

They simply always grab the t-shirt and Igot hit in one of my other videos which I’ll link to you down below but in that other videoI talk about most men’s body types are not complimented by the t-shirt.

So if you are in, let’s say the 15 to 20percent of men whose bodies are complimented by t-shirts, well go ahead and wear it.

Assuming that the situation dictates it, sothen it’s a casual situation because obviously you don’t want to wear a t-shirt to a nightout or to a big event or meeting perhaps your girlfriend’s family or maybe you're justgoing out on the town.

And if you're going to be making first impressionsI always recommend going with at least a colored shirt.

And it’s such an easy upgrade that – justleave the t-shirts at home.

Another great example is if you're going perhapsto a of event in which most people are going to be wearing t-shirts, well in that caseyou want to make sure you go to the quality t-shirt.

Let’s say you're going to be going to aconcert, you're going to be going to a night club and you know that almost everyone thereis going to be in that type of a shirt perhaps it’s a disco tech or something like thatwhere you're going to be actually be moving quite a bit and sweating.

In that case I see where you want to weart-shirt.

Just make sure you're wearing with that’sof good quality, that’s designed to be outer wear.

You don’t want to be wearing an undershirtand trying to pass that as a t-shirt, it’s just not going to work.

And just look at the quality of the shirt, is it something that – are you wearing it because it’s a keepsake and I mean I'vegot some great – I went to undergrad at Colonel College in Mount Vernon, Iowa andI got one or two of those t-shirts still hanging around.

But I went from 1994 to 1998 and I can tellyou that in the period of 13 years plus more, maybe a couple shirts are ordered.

Those shirts are not holding up well and Ishouldn’t be wearing those really out there in public and – so look at this shirt, lookat the quality, look at the fit of this shirt as well.

It needs to fit you properly.

And this comes in to again playing where youneed to have the body type because if you’ve got a bit of a stomach, if you are – you’vegot perhaps bit larger in the chest area not because you work out, you want to be carefulabout wearing t-shirts because they’re just going to exaggerate that and it’s goingto make you look – I think I've got a picture of grimace on a real men real style but ifyou look at that guy, there’s a reason why he disappeared from McDonald’s besides thefact that he’s kind of the reminder of why not to eat there.

But you look at his body shape and it hadno shoulder built and it just grew bigger in the mid section and just had this big shapelike a gum drop or something and you do not want to go out reminding people of bean shapedlike a gum drop, no.

That’s not a masculine look, so throw ona jacket or wear something that’s going to better compliment your build and kind ofpush down your floss highlight the things which are good about you, when it comes toyour body.

Other times you could wear a t-shirt I'm thinkingif you're going to be around close friends.

And my thing here is you're not going to beout making first impressions because if you're a single guy or you're a business owner oryou're somebody who just likes to meet people, and you meet somebody for the first time.

You are creating a first impression and youwant to create a good positive first impression.

Perhaps you meet a lovely lady there and youonly get a chance to talk to her… …but you know what? She remembers you because it was just somethingabout that guy.

He was dressed sharp and I liked him.

He put off a good feeling.

That’s what you want her to say, not just, “oh who you're talking about? Which guy was it?” That’s not what you want.

The other thing is if you're going to be activewhich it kind of eluded to but there's all types of being active, there's going to thebeach, there's hiking in the mountains, there's going and playing a game of pick up football, so on those cases of course you can still wear a t-shirt.

That’s where its going to be much more suited.

When it comes down to it, it just sounds likeyou don’t want to give up on the t-shirt and I agree and I'm not saying to completelythrow it out of your wardrobe but what I am saying is everytime you're getting dressedand you're going out and making first impressions, think about what you're putting on and makesure you're sending the message that you want.

Okay, this has been Antonio Sentinel’s RealMen Real Style.

I’ll see you in the next video.